Types Of Trucking Jobs

If you're going to be switching careers, and you're trying to determine whether a trucking job might be a good way for you to go, then the information here may be helpful. You can learn about many of the different types of trucking jobs there are, so you can determine if one of them is appealing to you. Here are some types of trucking jobs for you to consider: 

Dry van trucking

Dry van trucking is often one of the first trucking jobs people do when they are new to the trucking industry. This type of trucking involves driving semi-trucks that are hauling non-perishable products that tend to be loaded on pallets or boxes. 

Flatbed trucking

Flatbed trucking involves driving a truck with a flatbed trailer. Flatbeds are generally used to haul items that are odd-shaped, oversized, and unable to fit in a regular, rectangular box trailer. For example, it's common for things like military vehicles to be transported on flatbed trailers. They can also be used to transport things like construction equipment, prefab in-ground swimming pools, and timber. 

Automobile hauling

Automobile hauling jobs tend to be done by those who already have a good deal of trucking experience. This is due to the level of risk that tends to come with this type of trucking and the skill that it requires. While it may not be right for you when you are looking for that first trucking job, it may be something that you want to keep in mind for the future. 

Tanker trucking

Tanker trucking is trucking that involves the transporting of liquids in large tankers. There is some special training involved when it comes to this type of trucking, but this can also be reflected in the increased amount of compensation that generally comes with this type of trucking. 

Refrigerated goods trucking

Refrigerated goods trucking involved the hauling of foods, beverages, and other items that need to be kept at certain temperatures. Since this trucking requires special care and for the driver to meet tighter time constraints and check on the goods and temperature regularly, it can offer better pay than many other types of trucking jobs. 


No matter what type of trucking job you are interested in, you should know that it is generally a well-paying career. It can also offer many other benefits, such as the chance to travel while getting paid for it, a job where you can be on your own, and much more.

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