3 Features Your Fleet Management Software Should Include

If you manage an entire fleet of vehicles, you need to keep track of how the cars are being used and make sure each vehicle in your fleet is getting the appropriate maintenance to meet safety regulations. When it comes to managing your fleet, having the right software can help.

#1: Global Positioning System Trackers

When it comes to managing your fleet, it is helpful to know where your vehicles are located at all times. When it comes to knowing where your cars are located, you will want a fleet management software solution that includes GPS trackers. This will allow you to pull up your software and see exactly where each of your drivers is located at that precise moment. This can help you navigate your vehicles around accidents and traffic when trying to make deliveries. GPS software can also allow you to determine which driver can be redirected to a client right away.

You can also use your software to put up geofences, so you know if a vehicle goes out of a designated area. GPS software will also allow you to communicate more fluidly with clients about a delivery's location or whether there is a delay. When looking at the GPS component on fleet management software systems, make sure you choose one with real-time vehicle location tracking.

#2: Hours of Service Tracking

When you are running a commercial fleet of vehicles, you need to make sure your drivers comply with the Hours of Service (HOS) regulation. This regulation limits how many hours a driver can spend on the road before taking a break. If your drivers spend lots of time on the road, you will want to use a software system that makes it easy for you and your drivers to track their hours. Not keeping accurate track of your drivers can have severe consequences for you, including fines and even losing your business license.

#3: Route Performance Analysis

Look for software that provides route performance analysis. Route performance analysis will analyze all your past driver routes and let you know if there are more time and fuel-efficient ways your drivers could take to improve your delivery times.  

When looking for fleet management software, look for something that will make it easier for you to run your business. Look for software with real-time vehicle location tracking via GPS trackers, hours of service tracking for each driver, and route performance analysis. Your software should help make your job easier.

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