Why You Should Use Triethylene Glycol

Natural gas, which can be used in a wide variety of industries, has to be properly dehydrated before it can be of use. And, while there are many ways to achieve adequate dehydration, one of the best options is to dehydrate through the use of triethylene glycol. This option offers a lot of benefits over others and is a key reason why you should consider stocking up on triethylene glycol, commonly referred to as TEG, for your own uses and purposes.


Whenever natural gas is dehydrated or goes through any other necessary process, it does lose some of its natural composition and make-up. That, unfortunately, cannot be avoided since the dehydration process is necessary to prepare gas for various commercial purposes.

The solution, then, is to choose the option that has the least negative impact on the purity and composition of the gas, and dehydrating with triethylene glycol is the answer.

With this option, once the gas is regenerated and brought back to its required state, it will be much the same as it was before the process. Specifically, it will be much more pure and intact than if the dehydration was achieved through other methods.


Triethylene glycol is a fairly common and simple material and the processes which use it for dehydration are also very simple and straightforward.

As a result, its use allows you to achieve your goals and desired end results with the least financial investment possible.

Thus, if you are hoping to save money, cut back on general operation costs, or if you have a large fleet to supply and need the cheapest per-unit solution, TEG is the perfect fit.

Furthermore, despite its low cost both to purchase and use, it is still a quality composition that will help you to achieve desirable results.


In order for triethylene glycol to do its job, it must be heated to a high temperature. However, this temperature is much lower than what you'll need with other options.

Not only does this make for a faster, simpler use process, but it also contributes to further reducing costs and overall efficiency.

In all of these ways, TEG is a wonderful solution for dehydrating natural gas for various industrial purposes. While, ultimately, the choice of what method to use is up to you, be sure to thoroughly look into and consider this option as you make your decision. In most cases, it will be the best solution possible. 

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