3 Features to Look for When Choosing a Professional Car Service for Your Business

Find a car service to work with is crucial for any business that is responsible for transporting colleagues, clients, and even employees when they travel. Here are a few features to look for when choosing a car service for your business:

1. Flexible Scheduling Options

One of the most important features your chosen car service should offer is flexible scheduling options. You can't always control airplane schedules or the whims of those you are providing transportation to. So, you need to be able to make last-minute scheduling changes when necessary without having to worry about paying high penalty fees.

Your car service provider should allow you to make changes or even cancel an appointment altogether for up to an hour or so before the appointment takes place. And you should be able to completely change entire travel itineraries if meetings are rescheduled or other issues arise without paying more than a small flat service fee.

2. All-Inclusive Pricing

The car service your business utilizes should also feature all-inclusive pricing options to take advantage of when your needs are more complicated than a simple ride. If you need to transport several people from the airport to a hotel and then some of those people have different destinations for meetings or meals, you should be able to schedule an entire afternoon of services and pay an hourly rate that includes waiting times, water service, and other services that the company offers.

And if you want to impress potential clients, you should be able to incorporate white glove and champagne service into the experience without having to hire someone to tag along and take care of the details for you. The car service should be able and willing to incorporate a variety of service options to your transportation experiences.

3. Different Vehicle Sizes

Another feature your car service should offer is different vehicle sizes to choose from. While you may just need a sedan most of the time, there might be others when you want to hire a limousine for important investors or high-end customers. Or, you may need to hire a bus to transport a large group of management team members to and from a workshop. It would be nice if you can gain access to all of these vehicles by calling the same car service instead of having to call around town to find a company that can meet your needs.

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