Selecting A Freight Brokerage Firm To Partner With: What To Research

When you hire a transportation brokerage firm to handle your freight transportation needs, you're entering into a business partnership. Not just any partnership, but one that should be lucrative to you in terms of cost and efficiency. With these ideas in mind, learn about some of the areas you should research as you search for a company to partner with.

Carrier Certifications

Freight is a very blanket term in that it's a generic name for any type of good that is being transported. If you have a specialty item that you need transported, you should verify that the brokerage firm has a list of carriers that have the certifications necessary to safely handle and transport your materials. 

Take certain military freight, for instance. As a contractor supplying the goods to the military, it's common for the government to require every person involved in the transport process to have a security clearance. Given this example, you'd need a company with this certification or the ability to obtain it. 

In-House Fleet

The job of a broker is to partner your freight request with a carrier who can fulfill the request. For a variety of reasons, including lack of certification or high demand, there are those periods when it might be a challenge for the brokerage firm to find a carrier that can meet your specific needs. 

If you choose a brokerage firm that has its own in-house fleet of carriers, you're less likely to run into any delays, as the company can then route the order to their team. Having a brokerage partner that has its own fleet is a great way to cut down the risk of you experiencing any transport delays. 

Association Credentials

It's important to understand that a certification and an association credential are two different things. Generally, to earn an association credential, such as a membership with the Transportation Intermediaries Association, in addition to a specific certification, a carrier or brokerage firm must have a solid reputation, a satisfactory incidence or accident record, and a certain level of experience to earn this distinction. 

If you can find a broker that has carriers on their roster with association credentials, you can rest assured you're in great hands. 

When it comes to finding out exactly what a brokerage firm can offer you, it's best to contact a company representative. From rate information to certifications to delivery schedules, a brokerage professional can address the questions you have. 

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