What a Transport Service Will Do for You When Importing a Vehicle from the United States to Canada

Whether you are moving from the United States to Canada with your vehicle or you're selling a car to someone living in Canada, you'll need to take several steps to get authorization for the import. Hiring a professional to handle the import for you will make the entire experience less stressful and more efficient overall. Here are just a few important things a transport service will do for you when importing a vehicle into Canada from the United States:

1. Handle the Admissions Process

Before your vehicle can be imported into Canada, you have to make sure that it is admissible. There is a checklist of requirements and rules that have to be met before Canada will allow you to bring your car through the border; your transport provider will help ensure that those rules and requirements are met. For example, your vehicle may need a metric odometer or daytime running lights added to it before it can be imported into Canada. If this is the case, your transport service will let you know right away so you have time to make the adjustments before presenting the vehicle at the Canadian border where it will be inspected.

2. Verify Proper Title Registration

Your title also has to be verified before your vehicle can be imported into Canada. Without a valid title, you can't prove that you legally own the car. A rebuilt or salvage title won't cut it, as Canada doesn't want potential junk cars being brought in to the country. So your vehicle needs to be completely clear and valid as it would be if you were to have purchased it brand new off the lot.

But it isn't required that your vehicle was purchased new. You can have purchased it online, from a neighbor, or a used car lot. Your transport provider will help you determine whether your title is bad and if so, they'll walk you through the process of correcting whatever problems you're facing.

3. Obtain an Internal Transit Number

You're going to need an internal transit number (ITN) before your vehicle can be imported into Canada, and luckily your transport provider will do all the legwork to obtain one. They'll obtain a digital scan of your title and establish proof of the vehicle's value. You will provide them with your full address and phone number in Canada as well as your Canadian passport number. And your service provider will use this information to obtain your ITN.

4. Complete the Export Process

With a clean title, a valid ITN, and a bunch of paperwork in order, your transport service will finally export your vehicle from the United States and import it into Canada where you can pick it up. They can handle all of the fees associated with the import and add the fees into their service bill or you can pick the vehicle up at the Canadian border and pay all the fees yourself.

Learn more about the process by contacting a U.S. Canada auto transport service. 

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