4 Important Aspects To Look At When Buying A Used Dump Truck

Powerful and capable of hauling massive amounts of loose material, dump trucks could be considered as one of the most useful types of vehicles for some business owners. The beds of these trucks tilt upward to allow for quick or slow disbursement of the contents in the box, which simplifies tasks like spreading gravel or dirt. However valuable these vehicles may be, they are also relatively expensive when purchased new. Therefore, buying a used dump truck usually seems like a better idea. Take a look at some of the attributes you must inspect if you are on the search for a used dump truck that will serve your business for years to come. 

1. Take a look at the box for signs of damage. 

The box bears the brunt of everyday use because it is consistently being filled with materials and emptied. Therefore, it is critical that you do a lot of inspection of the box to make sure it is in good condition. The interior is likely to be scratched and slightly worn, but you do not want to see: 

  • deep cracks or grooves cut through the metal 
  • major signs of rust or corrosion 
  • irregularities in the bed that would cause material to get caught during dumping 

2. Inspect the frame rails of the truck. 

The frame rails support the weight of the box. If at any time during use a dump truck has hauled loads that are far over weight capacity, it can cause these frame rails to sag or even crack under the inappropriate pressure. Get down under the truck and make sure you see nice straight lines along the rails. 

3. Take note of the mileage. 

The typical dump truck is powered by a diesel engine, and diesel engines have a good reputation for going hundreds of thousands of miles. However, the mileage on the odometer is just as important for other reasons. Trucks that have a lot of miles on them may have more frame and chassis wear, for example.

4. Test the hydraulic lift system. 

The hydraulic lift system raises the bed off of the truck for dumping, and if this one component is not working, it can be one of the most expensive things to fix. You will need to get in the truck and actually test the lift, and it is even helpful if you are allowed to lift the box while it is at least partially loaded to test the lift mechanisms. 

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