A Non-Emergency Transportation Service Makes A Trip To The Doctor's Office Easier To Endure

If you're a caregiver for your spouse or parent with complex medical conditions, you know how difficult it is to get your loved one in a vehicle to go to medical appointments. At some point, getting in a traditional van or taxi might not be possible. While you can use an ambulance to go to the hospital, you'll need to find other arrangements for medical appointments. That's when non-emergency transportation services may be needed. Here's how they work.

The Service Can Handle Medical Equipment

If your loved one is connected to machines or has to be in a stretcher or wheelchair, it can be difficult to find transportation due to all the room that's required for the medical equipment. Plus, the transportation van has to be set up to strap down wheelchairs and equipment so your loved one is safe.

A non-emergency transportation van works in a similar way to a taxi, but it is able to take passengers in wheelchairs and stretchers. The van doesn't provide medical services as an ambulance does, it only provides transportation in a way that's efficient and safe for your loved one so no medical appointments have to be missed due to lack of transportation.

Insurance May Help With Costs

If your spouse needs to use a non-emergency transportation service, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance agent to find out if the cost will be covered and how much you might have to pay yourself. Insurance may cover all or part of the cost as long as you only go to a doctor's office. It may be possible to use non-emergency transportation services to go to social engagements, but you'll usually have to pay for those trips yourself.

Long-Distance Trips May Be Possible

If your spouse needs to go to another city for medical treatment, you might be able to use your transportation service for the trip just like you would use them for a local ride. These services can usually provide transportation to any place you need to go to, but they are most commonly used for local trips.

You might even use your transportation service if your spouse needs to visit a family member out of town for an emergency situation. However, a long-distance trip can be expensive if it's for personal reasons since the service may charge by mile and time.

A Transportation Service Is Easier On Your Loved One

If you're at the point where getting your loved one in and out of the car is a stressful time for both of you, then using a non-emergency transportation service would make getting to the doctor's office much easier. Transferring from a wheelchair to a car seat and getting situated can be a big undertaking for someone with limited mobility and weakness. It's much easier on both of you to leave your loved one in their wheelchair or placed on a stretcher and have them rolled into a van for the ride.

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