Reasons Why A Party Bus Is The Best Thing Ever Invented

Going out on the town on the weekends is always the thing to do when you are young and single. It can still be fun when you are older and maybe not as single too. What is not fun is determining who will stay sober and drive or how you will get home safely without a DWI/DUI. That is where the party bus services really come into play. Here are some reasons why the party bus is probably the best thing ever invented. 

Nobody Is the Designated Driver

A party bus comes with a sober driver. Neither you nor any of your friends have to take the night off from having a good time, because the party bus driver is responsible for everyone on the bus. Everyone will get home safely, and no one will be mad about having to take a turn to be the sober one sipping non-alcoholic beverages in the corner of the club or pub. 

You Can Drink on the Bus

Since you are not driving, and none of your friends are driving, everyone can drink while the bus is in motion. Everyone but the driver would normally drink in a car, but now you have a separate driver who's not in your group driving, so everyone can drink. Some party buses even provide beverages in a cooler while driving from pub to pub and club to club. If you do not finish your bottled beverage at one stop, you can bring it along on the bus because open beverages in a moving vehicle like this are completely legal (because you are not driving and it is a registered party bus!). 

Your Friends Won't Be Sick in Your Car

There is always that one friend that has a little too much partying and ends up sick in the designated driver's car. It happens, and the designated driver is rarely happy about it. However, on a party bus, the company providing the bus handles it. There is usually a security deposit when you book the party bus or an extra charge at the end of the night for "incidentals." The charge covers the cleanup of the "too much fun" mess. Depending on company policy, the person that becomes ill may or may not be allowed back on the bus if he/she is too sick to party further. In the meantime, it is comforting to know that your "party hardy" friend will not be ill in your car when you head out this weekend. 

Contact a local party bus service to learn more. 

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