How To Set Up Your Own Wine Tour

If you want to have some fun with your friends or family members and you live somewhere with multiple vineyards in the same area, you could arrange a wine tour for everyone. You don't have to go with a formal group for a wine tour; you can arrange your own wine tour.

Arrange for Charter Bus Transportation

The first thing you need to do is arrange for a charter bus service. A charter bus is a great way to transport everyone around for the wine tour. Charter buses have nice, large bucket seats that are really comfortable. They have restrooms, so if anyone needs to use one while you are out and about, you know where the restroom is located.

With a charter bus, you also have space to bring things with you. For example, if you want to bring along supplies to have a nice picnic lunch or barbecue while you are out and about, there will be more than enough space in or under the bus to store the supplies.

Create a Schedule

The next thing you need to do is chart out a schedule. You are going to want to call each winery and see what time they can accommodate your group.

Although the vineyard may be open for tastings for an extended period of time, it is a nice courtesy to call and let them know the size of your group and when you will arrange. That way, the vineyard can prepare the best possible tour and wine tasting experience for your group.

Try to set up the schedule so that you are able to drive in a bit of a loop. You may want to start with the vineyard that is the farthest away first and work your way back to the vineyard that is closest to home.

Once you have the schedule created, be sure to share that information with the charter bus company so that their driver knows where they will be going and when they will get to take breaks.

Prepare Your Group

Prepare your group for the tour. Meet in town and have a nice brunch before you head out on your tour so that you are not walking around and drinking wine on empty stomachs. Arrange for lunch or dinner on the tour if any of the vineyards serve food, and if not, pack up a picnic lunch or dinner for the group. Be sure to bring water along for everyone as well.

Get little custom paper pads for everyone and encourage everyone to rate the wines at each vineyard. This will give everyone something to discuss.

You don't have to depend on a company to arrange a wine tour for you. You can rent a charter bus, contact the vineyards yourself, and put together a custom experience for your friends and family.

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